So a few days ago I stumbled upon this documentary movie regarding minimalism.. I haven't really thought about it, just hear or read it online. But when I watched the movie.. it really woke me.

In the movie, it showed how modern era idealize such consumptive life in order to achieve the idea of completeness, that to be perfect you have to spend your money, you have to suffer to be happy. But when you reached and spend your money on all those trendy, luxurious, expensive things, you'll still feel unhappy. That this 'happiness' will never be achieved in any way. The movie showed how the minimalist experience unhappiness when they only pursue perfection in society's perspective. For me, it is an eye-opening movie. Moreover, this movie was based on USA, the modern era sources of role models for youngsters.

Then I questioned myself.. did I feel the same way also? have I achieved/desire such 'happiness' yet? and I realized.. after I bought all those stuffs that …

The Beginning

Hey there!

Cheers to my very first post as devoteddelight!

I was always interested in experience, perspective, and communicating. Though I am not good at those things.. :p

So.. here's to a brand new start!